Sitting on the Low Porch Roof Ruined the Shingles

You think you know all the expenses your children can cause you. Then they surprise you with something out of the blue and completely off the wall in its weirdness. We have a low front porch roof. It is sloped but not steep. The boy’s bedroom windows are just over it. The older one was the first to go out on the roof to sit. The younger one followed when he was about 10. Neither one had our permission at first. Now let me explain why we had to call a roofing contractor in Brooklyn to come out and fix the roof.

Neither of them could go out on the roof on a really hot day because the shingles were just too hot to comfortably sit on. However, our older son had gone out on some quite warm days. He sat on an old bathroom throw rug. Then he would store it under his bed in between porch roof sitting sessions. He had his girlfriend come out there a lot too. I was okay with that because they were in full view. Well, the repeated ventures out onto the low roof had loosened the shingles. A rather windy rainstorm dislodged quite a number of shingles.

The roofing contractor in Brooklyn told us he could patch it, but the replacement shingles would not match in color being brand new. The roof was old, so we decided to have it redone. However, this time there would not be any porch roof sitting sessions allowed at all. The boys agreed and were sorry for the expense they ended up causing. We probably could have gotten a few more years out of those shingles if they had not repeatedly sat out there. However, I think it was worth it. They will have fond memories of being able to do that. After the roof was done, I relented and told them to carefully go out and sit on cool days only. They will be grown up before that roof wears out anyway.

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