My Dad Lost His Tooth

My father stopped smiling suddenly not that long ago. When I asked him what was wrong, he opened his mouth for me to see. One of his teeth was missing! I asked him what had happened, and he told me that it had become loose over time, and he just never mentioned it. He bit into a piece of hard candy, and his tooth broke off because of it. He couldn’t get into to see his dentist until the following week, so I suggested that he try and get an appointment at the Coden dental implant center.

Neither of us had ever been there before, but it was local and has a good reputation. I went online to see if I could get more information from their website, and I was surprised by just how detailed it was. There is an entire section on implants, and we both read it. My dad has always had nice teeth, but that did not mean a dental implant would take. It would depend on how much bone was around the area where he needed to have an implant. The good thing is that he was able to get in to see the dentist there the following day.

It did not take them long to determine that my dad would be able to have a dental implant. They started the process that day, and it did not take too long before he was able to smile without putting his hand in front of his mouth. They did such a great job with it, and it is not even possible to tell that he was missing a tooth not that long ago. I know that if I ever need to have any kind of dental work that is extensive done, I am going to go there too.

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