Masoterapia – How massotherapy can be explained

The massotherapy can be explained as the usage different techniques of massage for therapeutic purposes, namely to treat diseases and injuries: in cases like this, is integrated when you look at the art physiotherapy teached in Biocentro masaje descontracturante.

Currently we agree to define the massage as “a mix of manual technical movements or maneuvers harmonious and methodically, with hygiene and preventive or therapeutic purposes, which when placed on the hands we can assess the state associated with tissues treated”; It is used in medicine, kinesiology , aesthetic , sport , etc.

Historically the action of putting your hand and rub or press firmly the painful area is an intuitive reaction which comes to alleviate pain and stress . This step extends back towards the earliest times therefore we must assume that when at any time the prehistoric man had some type of pain or discomfort (and logical to consider so it did), use a similar remedy that would use us. Thus you are able to make sure that the massage is part of the ancient medical culture of all of the peoples and it is present in all traditions..

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Therapeutic massage encompasses various massage modalities such as therapeutic massage, deep transverse massage, lymphatic drainage therapeutic manual myofascial release, sports massage, cryo-massage, connective tissue massage, massage periosteum, neuro techniques -musculares or massaging Dicke among others.

Among injuries or illnesses that can be treated with techniques of therapeutic massage we have been: muscle strain, tendonitis, radiculopathy, lymphedema, sprain, fiber breakage, fracture , spasm, psycho-somatic disorders, myofascial entrapments , sympathetic reflex sympathetic dystrophy reflects , sports injuries , etc. .

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