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This was going to be my first time visiting my sister in New Jersey and I needed to get a ride from the airport to her house, so I went online and did a internet search for airport transportation in Bergen County NJ. My younger sister and her husband was going to have their first child and I wanted to be there for a few weeks to help them. My sister and I have always been close, and three years ago when she got married we made the deal that if she ever had a baby I would come stay with her for a couple weeks to help her get use to having a new baby in the house.

Thankfully my brother in law and I were really good friends, so I knew he would be okay with me staying with them for a couple weeks. Two weeks before my sister was scheduled to go into labor, her husband had to go out of town on business, so I told her I could come out early to make sure she was okay before she had her baby.When I found your website I was able to find just what I was looking for in a ride from the airport to my sister’s house. I didn’t want to make my sister drive to the airport during the last few days of her pregnancy. I ended up staying with my sister and brother in law for a month, and I enjoyed every minute of it. New Jersey has a lot of fun things to see. We took the baby to the beach and shopped a lot at some great stores. Thanks to your company I was able to get to the airport easily when it was time to go home. I know when I go back to New Jersey I will give you a call again.

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