A Bus to Go to the Park

My son wanted to go to a park for his birthday, but I was not sure how we were going to manage that since he wanted a lot of his classmates to be with him. The park is nearly 40 miles away, and I did not feel it was fair to ask the parents of his friends to all give up several hours to go to a nature park with a bunch of kids. That is when my friend suggested that I look into one of the St Lee Transport services that she has used in the past for class trips.

She told me that they have different sizes that will accommodate groups from just a handful up to 40. Since he only wanted to invite about 12 friends, I was able to secure the services of a bus that will hold up to 20 people. That meant that there was enough room for my son and all his friends, plus a few of the other parents who did want to go after all. We had such a blast on that trip, and I think that the bus ride was just as fun as the visit to the park was.

We ended up telling stories and singing songs, plus we had a few birthday surprises for him on the bus. All of the kids ended up getting treats and a small gift bag of fun things for kids to do, and we gave them those on the return trip after a fun day at the park. I am not sure if we will ever do this again since he is getting older now, but I know that we will use the services of this bus company if we do. They were perfect for this occasion in every way possible, and they helped make my son’s birthday a great success.

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