Month: March 2016

I’m Happy My Makeup Only Involves Needing Eyelash Lengthener, Lipstick and Some Foundation

I think I had the shortest eyelashes of any girl in my high school class. I was not the first choice for boys to ask to a school dance even though I could actually dance! As I bloomed as a teenager I realized that I was getting pretty. I could see it in my face and how I was changing. I never was worried about being too fat or too skinny. I also never had a negative view of my body, and I did not care if others did. My mom showed me how to use wimpernserum to extend my eyelashes. That was the one thing I noticed about my face that I was not entirely pleased with. Yes, I could live with short eyelashes, but when I got dressed up I wanted them dressed up too.

There are all kinds of things you can do to lengthen and define your eyelashes. I could only find one that worked for me. I imagine it was because I had such short eyelashes to begin with. My eyes look smaller and almost beady looking when I do not have my lashes made up. When I have the eye makeup on, I really like the way my lashes look. I do not even mind one of those high definition closeup shots for portraits. I guess all girls have something they compensate for with wardrobe, makeup or other things. I am just glad it is eyelashes for me.

I was in a wedding and got dressed with some of the other bridesmaids. I see they use shaping undergarments, push up bras and all kinds of hair products and makeup. I use a little foundation, a touch of lipstick and some eyelash lengthener. I guess I am fortunate not to need all of the different apparatus wardrobe pieces the other girls are using. It is probably a whole lot cheaper for me too!