Month: February 2016

Twitter Was the Platform I Needed

When I first put my company on social media, I ended up picking the wrong platform. I was new to social media, so I had no idea that it was not as popular as it was just a year ago. Newer and more modern platforms were now available, so I went online to learn about each one of them, which is something I should have done from the beginning. That is how I realized that Twitter is where the action is, and that I would be able to buy cheap Twitter followers to help grow my online presence even faster.

I did not know anything about Twitter other than it had a little blue bird as a logo. I had no idea that it was limited to just a few sentences worth of text, nor that pictures and videos are quite popular on it. Since I wanted to showcase what I sell through pictures, it seemed to be the perfect fit. I did have to get a quick education on why I would want to buy Twitter followers. I do want new customers, but I just assumed that people would start following me when they saw the Twitter logo on my website.

Yes, I am that naive, or least I was. I learned that there are a lot of people on Twitter who can follow me and never even go to my website. Higher numbers means that I will be seen more, which will end up getting me even more customers who will visit my site and hopefully purchase some of the things that I am showcasing on my Twitter feed. It all made sense once I was able to connect the dots, and I was able to get my Twitter set up that same day, and I had my followers delivered even before 24 hours was up. I had no idea it would be this easy!