Month: August 2015

Setting Up an Office VPS System

I was really wondering how best to keep our office network insulated from the web. We are going to want to start doing some a good bit of telecommuting. Of course we obviously have a lot of data that we want to keep secure and there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there who are looking for any weakness they can find in your security. I am thinking that the best thing is to set up a Windows vps host with very strong security. That should make it very difficult for anyone to break in who is not authorized. Of course the reason we want to allow our employees to access the network from remote locations is pretty obvious when you think about it. We have sales people all over the place and they need to be in constant communication with the people back at the home office and the people in the factory. The current methods that we are using are not sufficient.

We also intend to hire a pretty significant number of workers, but we do not want to build a new headquarters and the current one does not have much available space for more workers. The obvious thing to do is to allow people to work from their homes. It is pretty great so long as you have people who are going to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do. People I have talked to have said the only problem is that you can get bored without having a lot of people around all of the time. You get out of bed and brush your teeth, then you can go to work in your pajamas. Of course most people spend a significant amount of time getting from their home to the place that they work.