Month: January 2015

Finding Short Term Apartment Rental Deals

I need to check out JJH short term rental apartments and see how much it is going to cost me to rent an apartment for about two months. I am not completely sure how much of a duration I will be staying in the apartment yet. But I think it is going to be two months. At least, I need to figure out how much it is going to cost, so that I will have that in mind. I should get this all taken care of today, because I am going to be busy for the rest of the week and I will not have time to do it then. So today is the best time, and I was going to procrastinate and do something else, but I decided against it, because it really needs to get done and I need to stop putting things off.

I actually have this therapy tape that I listen to sometimes which is about getting things done and not making excuses for yourself in order to allow you to get out of doing something that you need to get done. I have had bad problems with that sort of thing in the past, and I do not want to let them continue to haunt me to haunt me going forward. I have made a lot of progress though, so I am pretty excited about that. So anyway, I will look up the phone number and give this place a call as soon as I get done with what I am doing at the moment.

I have a few more things to check out online, and then I will make the call. I was just told about this place a couple of days ago by my friend, because I told him that i was going to have need for a place to stay for about two months. So he told me the name of the place, and I have not checked it out yet.