Month: October 2014

A Selfie Stick Means Better Videos

When I bought a new cell phone last year, I did not think that I was going to enjoy the camera as much as I do. I have always had a camera in one form or another, and they have never been anything special other than for special occasions. When I saw what my camera could do though, I was mesmerized. I started using it every day, and eventually I knew that I was going to buy a selfie stick because I was having too much fun making videos and taking selfie pictures.

The selfie stick is something I have seen a few of my friends use when they take pictures or make videos of themselves. I didn’t get the appeal of it until I had my own phone, and now I am taking pictures or videos at least several times a week. Having the selfie stick just makes it much easier to take better videos, because my arm is not extended out as far as it can go. When I had to do that, my videos would sometimes jerk if they were more than a few seconds long. That meant that the video would not get a lot of views on my social media site because let’s face it, who wants to watch a jerky video?

With the selfie stick though, all of that changed. I am now able to hold my phone comfortably with the stick, and I no longer have this grimace on my face because my arm is hurting me, at least on the longer videos. I no longer have the jerkiness in my videos either, which means they are much smoother. I can only edit out so much of that, and it is such a relief to not have to worry about that anymore. Using this stick means I have better videos, and that makes me happy!

Exposing My Girlfriend’s Scandalous Deeds

My girlfriend met this guy in one of her classes and they started to become chummy. I didn’t really think anything of it at first, but they started talking to each other a lot. It got to the point where he was talking to her more than me. One of my friends said that she might be cheating on me with him, but I just brushed off the comment like it was nothing but speculation. Still I was curious. I installed the Whatsapp spy tool on her phone one day while she was at my apartment.

Part of me felt wrong for putting the tool on her phone without her knowledge, but I just had to know what she was doing with this guy. The tool let me check her logs whenever she would talk to this guy. What I read in those logs turned out to be the most shocking thing I had ever read. My girlfriend was flirting with the guy through messages and talking about how he was much better than I was. She was even talking about how he was a better kisser too! They had been having relations behind my back. I had to break up with my girlfriend, but I had to do it in a way that wouldn’t reveal that I had installed the tool on her phone.

I used the tool to find out where my girlfriend would go with the guy for one of her make out sessions, and went to a nearby location to watch her. I saw her there kissing the guy and got so mad that I confronted them both. They were shocked that I had found them. At that moment, I told my girlfriend that our relationship was over, and drove back home. She tried to call me, but I wouldn’t answer her.