Month: July 2014

Far Away in Another Country We Were Able to Rent the Same Kind of Minivan We Have Back Home!

When my wife and I visited Malaysia we went to Big Thumb enterprise in Penang to rent a vehicle. We had the kids with us and were able to rent the same kind of minivan we had back home. That was kind of cool. The kids settled into riding around with us right away. Though what they were seeing outside the windows was drastically different than what they saw back home in rural America, they were comfortable in the familiar surroundings of the same make and model minivan. We were comfortable driving it since it was exactly the same. We even had the same color.

It was funny but as soon as we had a few crackers on the floor along with a few candy wrappers and empty drink cups, it was like being back home. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about. We were here to visit my wife’s parents. She is a native of Malaysia. It is my second visit here but a first for our two children who are three and one. They get to see their grandparents about once per year when they visit us. Now we have the means to be able to go and visit them.

I grew up with grandparents that lived a couple of states away. This is a whole lot farther away. The plane ride took hours. The longest flight I had ever been on was one that took about two hours. Most flights run about 30 minutes for my commuter air miles I rack up in my work. It was strange being halfway around the world from our home, but it was actually comforting to have rented a vehicle that is the same thing that we drive back home in the States. It is like being able to bring a little of home with us.