Month: February 2014

Becoming the Content Provider for Your Site

Becoming popular within a specific social network usually means that the content shared is going to see a lot of views and a lot of ‘likes’, it most likely also means that there are going to be a lot of subscribers following the profile providing the content that the users are beginning to enjoy. With Instagram, like Youtube, Twitter or even Tumblr, this is especially true. An individual can easily buy instagram followers if they want to create the perception that they are a truly popular profile but is this going to hold any truth if the profile is not able to provide unique content? If you are deciding to do this for your own profile, you have to look carefully at your business model and decide if you are going to be able to provide any sort of unique content or if you are going to have to depend on finding new and popular content before it loses its appeal.

This may also depend on what you are using Instragram for. Are you using it to advertise events for your company? You will be able to easily find new content at your events themselves! Creating a hashtag for your events, for your company even, will allow users who are attending said events to ‘tag’ those photos that they are uploading onto Instragram (if they are indeed users), which will help spread the name of the profile. The events themselves become the content generators, as long as they have people attending them! This is a model that many companies depend on, allowing third parties to create the content for them while they reap in the funds from advertising or views, like YouTube. This is a great way to make profits on the web if you are capable of engineering such a model